Vadakkupurathu Pattu and Kodi Archana Festival At Vaikom

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Vadakkupurathu Pattu and Kodi Archana Festival At Vaikom

Vadakkupurathu Pattu and Kodi Archana Festival At Vaikom-
The legend behind the vadakkupurathu pattu festival says that during the reign of Vadakkunkur Rajas there was a severe epidemic in vaikom many years ago in which many perished.
The Legend  goes on to say that the Devi appeared before the Raja and told him that she will appear on the northern side of vaikom Mahadevar Temple for 12 Days after Meenabharani.There will be special Kodiarchana to vaikkathappan for 27 days(meant for 27 stars) synchronizing with vadakkupurathu pattu.
The events come only once in 12 years.The present festival starts from 13th April 2013 and ends at 24th April 2013.
Elamkavu Attuvela:-
Goddess Bhagavathy is the prisiding deity of elamkavu temple located 3 km away from Vaikom on the bank of river vadayar.
Two main festivals are held here.One is the flag hosting festival.lasting for eight days(held february),and the other is two day attuvela festival(held in April).Beautifully Illuminated canoes carring a huge replica of the temple gliding down the waters is a great sight during the attuvela.This ritul is conducted to welcome the goddess of kodunalloor who is believed to visit her sister,the goddess of elamkavu.
Theeyattu(Kalamezhuthu pattu)at Koottummel Bhagavathi temple and Moothedathu Kavu Bhagavathy temple.)
Adevotional offering to goddess Bhadrakali.This ritul art is performed in a specially decorated pandal,before the kalam (five colour design on the floor)nilavilakku(traditional lamp)and peetam(stool).The performance usually starts at dusk.The artist sing and dance on the rhythmatic music of the chenda,elathalam and chengila.The costumes bear resemblances to that of ottamthullal and kathakali.The distinctive features are huge jingling anklets and face make-up with tiny dots.
Garudan Thookam:-
(Eagle Hanging) at Chattankudi Bhagavathy Temples, Arayankavu temple and Keezhoor Temple is a ritul art form performed  in Kali templs of south kerala,south india.The people who dress up as Garuda  was taken to perform the dance.
Legend is it that even after slaying Darika,Kali remained insatiable and thirsty.At this time vishnu sent Garuda to Kali to quench the artist.A dancing and bleeding Garuda was taken to kali and only after getting some drops of blood from Garuda,Kali was pacified.The ritual is performed based on this belief.
(See the major festival  contents for more information)

Temples and Festivals in Vaikom.
Vaikom is truly a land of fair and festivals with log history and tradition behind them.These festivals stand out from the crowd because of their uniqueness and social importence.

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple.13 days festival(26th Nov 2012 to 8th Dec 2012)

Flag hoisting day on 26th Nov 2012.

Auspicious Day-Rishabavahanam on 5th Dec 2012 and vaikkathashtami on 7th Dec 2012.

Highlights : Elephent procession,Daily poothalam.Temple ensembles(music) like Nadaswaram,pancharimelam,panchavadyam,classical art forms like kathakali,mohiniyattam,chakyarkoothu andottanthullal.

Contact – 04829 215812 ,9446205706.

Moothedattukavu Bhagawathy Temple,Moothedathukavu.

10 Day Festival 15th March 2013 to 24th March 2013.

Flag hoisting day on 15th March 2013.

Auspicious Day- 23rd March 2013 Valiyavilakku.

Daily Kalamezhuttu  and Theyattu from 15th march 2013 to 13th April 2013.

Highlights : Elephent procession,Daily poothalam, Daily Kalamezhuttu  and Theyattu from 15th march 2013 to 13th April 2013.

Contact – 04829 210690.

Elamkavu Bhagawathy Temple,Vadayar.

7 day festival (19th februvary 2013 to 26th feb 2013.

Flag hoisting day- Attuvela Festival on 10th April 2013

Highlights: Elephant Pocession, Temple Ensembles and

Classical art forms

Contact : 9526399697

Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple, Kaduthuruthy

10 Days Festival  (19th December 2012 28th

December 2012)

Flag hoisting day on 19th December 2012

Auspious day- Valiyavilakku – 27th December 2012

Highlights: Elephant Procession, Poothalam , Temple Ensembles and classical art forms.

Mahaganapathi Temple,Malliyoor

8 day festival (3rd SEP 2013 to 10th Sep 2013)

Flag hoisting day on 3rd Sep 2012.60 days ganesotsavam(16th Nov 2012 to 17th Jan 2013).Music fest of national and International Importance 60 Days, participation and Instrumental musicians of national fame.

Auspicious Day – 9th Sep 2013(Vinayaka chaturthi,Gajapooja).

Highlights – Elephant Proceesion,Temple Ensembles and classical art forms.

Contact – 04829 243455, 9946407271.

Mahadeva Temple, Ettumanoor.

10days festivals(12th Februvary 2013 to 21st Feb 2013)

Flag Hoisting Day :- 12th Feb 2013.

Auspicious Day –19th Feb 2013 Ezharaponnana 20th Feb 2013 Valiyavilakku.

Highlights – Elephant Proceesion,Temple Ensembles and classical art forms.

Contact – 0481 2719375.

Subramanya swamy Temple,Udayanapuram.(Towards noth part of Vaikom)

9 day festival (20 Nov 2012 to 29th Nov 2012)

Flag Hoisting Day :- 20th  Nov 2012

Auspicious Day – Karthika Vilakku on 28th Nov 2012.

One day Kavadiyattam festival on 27th Jan 2012.

Highlights-Elephant procession,Temple Ensembles and classical art forms.

Contact – 9446185643.

Chattankudy Bhagavathy Temple-Udayanapuram.

8 Day festival and Thookkam Festival (17th Oct 2012 to 24th Oct 2012.)

Flag Hoisting – 17th Oct 2012.

Auspicious Day – Valiyavilakku,Garudan thookam festival -8th April 2013 and 12 days daily poothalam.

Highlights – Elephant procession, Thalapoli,Temple Ensembles and classical art forms.

Contact – 04829 329666,9387630128.

Koottummel Bhagawathy Temple –K.S Mangalam.

9 day Festival (15th Apr 2013 to 23rd Apr 2013.

Flag Hoisting Day – 15th Apr 2013.

Auspicious Day – 22nd Aprl 2013 Valiyavilakku.

Highlights – Elephant proceesion,Thalapoli and Temple Ensembles.

45 to 50 Days Kalamezhuttu and Theeyattu Festival 16th Feb 2013 to 12th Aprl 2013)

Contact -9447093219.

Arayankavu Bhagawathy Temple.

8 Day Festival (22nd March 2013 to 26th Mar 2012)

Flag Hoisting – 22dn Mar 2013.

Auspicious Day – Garudan Tookam on 26th March in the night (85).elephant procession and Classical art forms more than 200 Independent Thookam.

Contact -9846248986.


Kanjiramattom Mosque –Chandanakudam Festival on 14th Jan 2013.

Bhagawathy Temple Chottanikkara

10Day Festival (19th Feb 2013 to 28th Feb 2013)

Flag hoisting day – 19th Feb 2013.

Auspicious Day – Chottanikkara makam on 25th feb 2013 and Valiyavilakku on 27th Feb 2013

Highlights – Temple Escembles,Elephant procession and cultural programmes.

Contact -04842711032.

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