Attuvela Mahotsavam Sree Ilankavu Bhaghavathy Temple- on 21st March 2015

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Attuvela Mahotsavam Sree Ilankavu Bhaghavathy Temple- on 21st March 2015

Sree Ilankavu Bhaghavathy Temple Attuvela Mahotsavam - on 21st March 2015
Attuvela festival is a traditional water carnival in Kerala. It's location, attractions and legend behind the festival is included here. This is being celebrated in Elankavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple,Vaikom , Kottayam district of Kerala during March-April. It was conducted on 21st March of this year (2015) in a grand manner. This grand water festival will lasts for two days. This is the day which make the Elankau Shree Bhagavathy Temple a real visual treat. The procession starts from the Attuvela kadavu, 2 km away from the temple. During the festival time, huge replica of the temple is carried from the Attuvela kadavu through the water by beautifully decorated canoes. The great sail is accompanied by small hordes of colorfully decorated small canoes and temple percussion music.
Elankavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple is at a distance of 3 km from Vaikom. The Goddess Bhagavathy is the presiding deity in this famous temple. It is believed that Elankavu Bhagavathy is the sister of Kodungallur Bhagavaty. Attuvela Mahotsavam is the welcome ceremony to Kodungallur Bhagavathy to her sister's land. She visits her sister only once in a year. This is the legend behind Attuvela Mahotsavam.

Location And Modes of Access to Elankavu Shree Bhagavathy Temple
Elankau Shree Bhagavathy Temple is located at Vadayar in Kottayam district. You can reach here by means of road, train and by airways. The nearest railway station is the Ernakulam railway station which is just 30 km away. The Kochin International airport, the nearest airport, is about 50 km away from Vadayar. There are many bus services from all the main cities in Kottayam to Vadayar.

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